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The Broken Box Ranch.

The Broken Box Ranch is located on the rolling plains of rural northwestern South Dakota. The ranch consists of cow/calf pairs, which requires much horse related work. Many long, hard rides and wet saddle blankets is why we feel that our horses have good minds, speed and cow sense, which gives them the ability to go on to excel at any event in the arena. Parker, Bailee & Pat start & finish most of the horses on the ranch. Pat breaks the colts and puts a good, soft handle on them and gets them started on cattle. Parker hauls and finishes out the rope horses while Bailee trains the barrel prospects. Colts around The Broken Box Ranch see many miles outside the arena, whether it be trailing cows, sorting pairs, or dragging calves to the branding fire. We have finished barrel horses, barrel and roping prospects and good ranch horses for sale at all times.